The Delphic Wristwatch

Questions about The Delphic Wristwatch and answers to those questions

Is the Delphic Wristwatch a podcast that I can subscribe to like any other?


What is it about?

That depends.

Is it factual or fictional or factional?


Who is responsible for this?

Trevor Thornton

Who is “Trevor Thornton”

He is a musician, artist, and librarian. Those are the relevant facts.

What is all the talking?

A lot of it, most of it, comes from public domain audio books, and most of those were produced by LibriVox and are hosted by the Internet Archive.

What is your business model?

We have no business here. The Delphic Wristwatch is not supported by advertising and is free for the having. Making and distributing it still takes a lot of time and some amount of money, though, so if you like it please consider making a donation (via PayPal).

Is there anything else?


Thanks for listening, and good luck to all of us ☂