Here are some answers to some questions you might have about The Delphic Wristwatch:

Is The Delphic Wristwatch a podcast that I can listen to like any other, wherever I do that?


Is it factual, fictional or factional?

No. It's not that kind of a thing.

Do I need to start listening from the first episode?

No. In fact, the listener is encouraged to play the episodes in random order, or in whatever order suits them at the time.

Do the episodes, taken either individually or in combination, present fragmented narratives that could be inturpreted by a suitably gifted adept for the purposes of divination or prophesy, or by the lay listener to aid in decision-making or in understanding life changes?


Can I advertise on The Delphic Wristwatch?


How can I contact you?

Don't. We will contact you at the appropriate time.

Please email with other inquiries:
Thank you for listening.